If Knowing Is Half the Battle, What's the Other Half? Lasers.

Illustration for article titled If Knowing Is Half the Battle, Whats the Other Half? Lasers.

This t-shirt investigates the oft overlooked "other half" of the battle. So if knowing is half the battle, what's the other half? Lasers. 25% red. 25% blue. We''ll all sleep better having reconciled this age-old conundrum. $20 [Nerduo]


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Just to point out, "knowing is half the battle" is specious logic.

We can express the statement thusly:

K=(1/2)B (where K=Knowledge and B=Battle)

For this statement to be true then


should obtain. But ask yourself, if you know twice as much have you already won the battle? No, the battle must still be fought. Even if twice the knowledge helps you avoid the battle, the battle was not fought and therefore we would have express thusly:


which leads to


at wich point I'm confused about what my original point was...