If There Was Ever a Smarter Way to Hide Booze in Your Crotch, This Might Be It

Image for article titled If There Was Ever a Smarter Way to Hide Booze in Your Crotch, This Might Be It

Cleverly smuggling alcohol in places where it's prohibited can be a hassle. But unless they're the touchy-feely types, no one is ever going to find this crotch-adjacent Freedom Flask on your person.

It looks like one of those hip packs that were all the rage many moons ago, but besides being sealed so that it can safely hold your liquid of choice, it's actually designed to be worn underneath your pants, sitting right in front of your crotch.


If that's not unsettling enough, the spigot is located so that you have easy access only when you drop your fly, so it basically looks like you're filling your glass with drinks you had earlier in the day. So is it worth $25 for a warm glass of smuggled beer? You know what they say, the best drink is the one that wasn't confiscated by security. [Freedom Flask via Laughing Squid]



At a family gathering in the 70's, my nephew had an old basketball and I had a brainstorm. The beer was in the back porch off the kitchen, and us youngins were hanging out in an old chicken coop. But we wanted beer. So I took the old basketball and cut it part way along the black lines. Then I moseyed into the house and onto the back porch where I proceeded to stuff the basketball with bottles of beer. I then wandered out through the house saying hello to the family members there. Then I made my way to the old chicken coop where my nieces, nephews and I proceeded to get plastered. :D