This is why car chases are bound to become obsolete

This hilarious Volkswagen commercial shows why car chases will become as obsolete as those old movies that depend on telephone landlines to make their plots work.

Think about it. What's going to happen when, in the near future, anti-collision safety technology comes standard and obligatory in every car? No more car chases! Although, if you really think about it, there will be no need for car chases at all. If all cars get networked self-driving technology, the police will be able to lock criminals in and drive them directly to the station using a simple smartphone.


This is the first ad—there are three more coming—from a Volkswagen campaign designed to support independent cinema in the United Kingdom.

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Then comes the rebel. The loner who dares take his car off the grid even if it means having to remember how to get to Starbucks all on his own. He's an unstoppable juggernaut that can't be dealt with because The Man has become reliant on their foolish system of push button policing. Will he be the one to show humanity that they are still able to control their own destiny?