If You Break Your New One M9, HTC Will Replace It for Free for One Year

HTC is ripping a page out of Google's Nexus 5 playbook and offering up a stellar HTC One M9 replacement deal. No matter how you destroy your phone—unfortunate tumble, washing machine nightmare, a sledgehammer mishap—HTC will replace it within the first year, no questions asked, for free.

It's all part of the company's new UH OH Protection, an extension of HTC's Advantage program, to help give would-be M9 owners some peace of mind. This is great news for the accident prone (of which there are many). But even if you aren't of the phone-smashing variety, you can also use your one replacement to get $100 off the next HTC One you buy (er, the M10?). Tricky plan to keep you locked in to HTC? Definitely. But if you're an M series loyalist anyway, this is probably the best news you're going to hear all day.


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