If You Like Lady Gaga, You Deserve To Be Phished

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The poker-faced popstar Lady Gaga had her Twitter and Facebook accounts hacked yesterday — and then malicious links were sent to all her friends and followers. Serves them right for liking her music.

Whoever sent out the messages tried their best to be convincing, by using the same language that Gaga herself uses. But the content of the tweet should have been enough to make it suspicious. One of the tweets read:

"Monsters, I'm giving away FREE ipad2's to each one of you in the spirit of the holidays :)"


It did, of course, include a link, to a site asking for personal details. Over on her Facebook page, another message was posted saying:

"So for the next 72 hours we will be hosting a massive giveaway to all the Mother Monster fans. Sign up and receive your special Lady Gaga edition iPad in time for the Holidays! For contest rules and registration visit the link below."


The messages were apparently convincing enough to convince more than 100,000 of her followers to visit a site requesting personal details, probably as part of a phisihing scam. Maybe it'll teach them to get some musical taste. [BBC; Image: Domain Barnyard]