iHome's Table Radio Gives Your iPod a Retro Look

Illustration for article titled iHomes Table Radio Gives Your iPod a Retro Look

The folks at iHome went retro with their new iPod stereo. The iH10 is essentially their take on the Table Radio with a built-in iPod dock, AM/FM tuners, and a line-in jack on the backside. Inside the wooden cabinet you'll find a 3.5-inch speaker, which at $49 probably won't fill a room like one of these, but would still make a nice companion to your bff. The iH10 comes out this summer.



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There is absolutely nothing retro about this design.

Unless, by retro, you mean that it resembles a ten year old design that, itself, was supposed to be a "retro" design of an old table radio.

This thind is as modern looking as they come.

Show me the wood!