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Ikea's New Furniture Assembles in Minutes Without a Single Tool

Ikea has made buying furniture as easy as picking up milk at the corner store, but as convenient as the company's flat-pack approach to selling desks and shelving is, the assembly part can still be a pain. Its new living room line, though, uses specially-designed wedge dowels, allowing the pieces to be assembled using only your bare hands. Magic.

The REGISSÖR line's new assembly technique also eliminates the bag of hardware that usually accompanies Ikea's furniture, and completely removes the risk of there being a screw or a piece of dowel missing, leaving you stranded in the middle of the included assembly manual.


When available later this month the REGISSÖR line will include a bookshelf, cabinets, and a coffee table, and if the new assembly approach proves popular with customers, it will be extended to other products as well—just don't expect to find it on pieces designed to support a human's weight, or those requiring extra reinforcement. [Ikea]

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