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I'm Getting Drunk While Watching the BCS Championship Game in 3D Because It's the Future of Sports

Illustration for article titled Im Getting Drunk While Watching the BCS Championship Game in 3D Because Its the Future of Sports

The college football championship game is going on right now and since the whole tech world is at CES, ESPN decided to show off their ESPN 3D channel to a bevy of tech savvy sports fans (or is it sports savvy tech fans?). My job tonight? To get drunk while wearing 3D glasses and watching the most important college football game of the year. Oh. Yes.


Here's a primer on the sports fan in me: I love sports more than you love your mom. I eat it all up. From football, basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey, college sports, horse races, dog competitions, any game or competition that let's people win, I love.

Illustration for article titled Im Getting Drunk While Watching the BCS Championship Game in 3D Because Its the Future of Sports

And why am I watching this game and getting drunk (other than the fact that getting drunk is awesome)? Well the answer is simple: what do sports fans do when they watch sports? DRINK. Will it be awkward drinking beer with 3d glasses on? Will I get drunk faster because the 3D effect is dizzying? I'll find out for you guys.

Thoughts around 8PM - 8:30PM EST:

• The Las Vegas Hilton is a sad place. It's so sad it's not even called the Las Vegas Hilton anymore.
• Should I take a shot before the game?
• I just ate a chili cheese dog, chili cheese dog, nuggets drenched in chili and chili cheese fries. I figure, if I'm trying to figure out if 3D can work as the future of sports, I might as well eat like most sports fans do too, right?
• Interesting crowd. Some obvious sports fans, other people are here for a CES break. Not me, I'm working.
• Okay they told us to put our glasses on
• The short clip they just showed was great in 3D! Of course, that's beautiful editing. Extreme sports do really well in 3D, other sports weren't as jaw dropping.
• Some people from ESPN talked about how important they think 3D is to them. Whatever, I'm on beer two. And I took the shot.

Illustration for article titled Im Getting Drunk While Watching the BCS Championship Game in 3D Because Its the Future of Sports

And the game starts! Here's what I noticed immediately:

• Crowd shots are pretty sweet, you get to see more texture and hand waving
• Sideline shots are also good, you can see more of the sideline and the coaches feel more lifelike. Even Nick Saban looks human.
• In-game action, however, is not spectacular. It might be the angle the cameras are located, it looks non-traditional and hides the action when a team is on a certain side of the field.
• The game moves slowwwwer too. Or that could be SEC football for ya!
• The theater (yeah, we're in a theater) seems about 75% LSU, 25% Alabama and 100% Anti-Tebow
• WHOA. 3D commercials are awesome! Why? It's just long ass movie trailers or crazy ass commercials that take advantage of THREE DEE (shattered glass! special effects!)
• DOUBLE WHOA. Cheerleaders in 3D YES YES YES
• I'm getting another beer.


I'm feeling slightly buzzed. Thank god I'm in a dark theater because I think I have the "alcohol flush reaction". Look it up. Okay, I'm publishing this and will update as I keep drinking.

• I still don't understand why Megan Fox wasn't in Transformers 3
• John Carter, you look really weird, "You are ugly but you are beautiful", what is that?! But my Friday Nights love will make me watch it. You go Riggins.
• Hey Alabama is actually passing the ball
• Why would anyone want to play for LSU when their helmets look like toxic morning piss
• They just shouted us out on the ESPN 3D broadcast. People cheered. I'm starting to feel embarrassed about blogging this. Don't worry, I'mma keep it coming. I didn't get that other beer yet.
• Looking at my phone with 3D glasses trips me out. Looking at my laptop doesn't. WHY
• They showed a clip of a basketball game in 3D. It looks MUCH better than football. More fluid, Pieces are more defined, AWESOME.
• I don't even care about this game anymore. Oklahoma State should be playing the winner of this game for "all the Tostito's". College football is dumb
• I got that other beer
• Hard hits are freaking cool. You see the body jiggle. ONly their bodies don't jiggle like mine does.
• Tyrann Mathieu's nickname is Honey Badger. I think I like that. It's better than boring nicknames like T-Mat
• For a second I thought there would be a touchdown in this game. Ha


• Kate Beckinsale almost naked in 3D trailer for another Underworld movie. When did I say I didn't like 3D again?
• Here's the thing. I don't think 3D works for football. I don't feel any closer to the game (outside of crowd shots) than I do while watching in HD. The thing that works for football? Watching it in a freaking movie theater.
• I'm going to lose something in this theater. Other than my pride, that is
• Eyes hurt. Watching 3D without glasses makes me feel drunker than I am
• AGH. I wish I could stay and talk about the game (not really) but I have to go do real work now (get off of this computer). Hopefully no one will notice (everyone will notice).
• Morals of the story: have a job that 'forces' you to do this.
• Oh. What do i think about this as the future of sports? Meh. Companies are going to keep pimpin' their profit margins with 3D and it's a sorta, kinda natural progression BUT even in a theater with open bar, it's sports that make sports fun, not technology.

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Megan Fox wasn't in Transformers 3 because she's a bit of a dick. The female version.