I'm Surprised It Took This Long to Make an Uber-Booking App

 Image: noeltock
Image: noeltock

Uber is all about increasing efficiency in the economy, which is why I’m amazed that the app has never had a book-a-car-for-later service. Luckily, a college sophomore has changed all that.


TaxiLater is a simple app that lets you book Uber rides for later in the night. Not complicated, but how often have you been at a party, and heard someone say that they’ll “book the Uber around 8.50, so we’ll leave at 9?” Even more to the point, rides to the airport at stupid-o’clock AM can be requested in advance, giving you a few more minutes in bed.

The app uses Uber’s API, so I’m guessing all it does is make a standard Uber on-demand request at a certain time for you. There’s still potential for Uber to improve the service—if rides could be booked in advance and seen by drivers, it would help distribute cars across the city. The company could also use pre-booked long rides as rewards for higher-starred drivers—although, on second thought, Uber probably doesn’t need any more power over its non-employees.

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does this prevent you from getting a surge request? no? ok then what is the point.

If the driver side of the pickup is no different then they doesnt help redistribute drivers.