Imation USB Wrist Band For Corporate Types

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Imation is kind of making available a USB 2.0 drive wrist band with anywhere from 32MB to 1GB built in—"kind of" because you need to order it in bulk and it's geared toward companies rather than individual consumers. The wrist bands are available in several colors, as the picture so wonderfully details, and Imation is offering to put company logos on them for branding/synergy/otherfakebusinessword purposes. Imation also thinks that the bands will become a fashion accessory, which, while laughable, seems to fit right into the "I'm still hip" mantra of men in suits the world over.

Of course, since Imation is only selling these things in bulk, it's fairly difficult to get pricing information. They are available starting today (in Japan, at least).

Press Release (in Japanese) [Imation via]