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IMDB for iPhone: Now Playing at an App Store Near You

Illustration for article titled IMDB for iPhone: Now Playing at an App Store Near You

Well, that took long enough. The Internet Movie Database—the sole reason that nobody can have factual arguments about movies anymore—has been turned into an iPhone app. A decent one, no less!


Site-specific browser apps are prone to shittiness, because at heart, they're really just websites. The key is to offer something more, or, if you're offering more or less the same thing you get on the regular website, to present it in a markedly better way. This app take the latter approach. You're not going to find any information in the IMDB app that isn't available on the full IMDB website—that would be kind of odd—but you will find a neatly-designed, easily navigable reference for just about every film or show, ever, as well as local showtimes, trailers, an TV listings.

It's just about everything you could ask for in an IMDB app, except that it doesn't support accounts, which means that regular users can't rate or review movies, and that Pro users (I assume) can't access all those agents' phone numbers, that raw box office data, those movie stars' secret Twitter handles or whatever else they're shelling out for.


Alas, she is excused of this grave offense, for she is free. [iTunes]

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Ok, I'm confused. If the iPhone has internet capability and a built in browser, why do you need a separate app to access a website that is perfectly accessible via the built in browser?