Important Tin Foil Hat Testing, For Crazies

First of all, it's not a tin foil hat. It's a tin foil safety tuque. Second of all, it's finally been scientifically proven that it guards your brain from a wireless modem's signals. The jury's still out on mind control.

Actually, making a little Faraday cage for your head is a fun experiment, although I'm not sure about the ultimate benefits. But I'm sure I'll find out when we're all subjugated by the new world order, with only our tuque-headed brethren left to mount a resistance. [YouTube via Make]

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Sorry, but tinfoil helmets increase radio reception. Yes, that's right, your tinfoil helmet actually increase your susceptibility to certain government owned frequencies. This is just a blatant example of government sponsored disinformation. That tool is no different than one of those "ghost detectors" you see used by crazies. This is just trying to lull you into a sense of security so that the government can thwart your research into alternative protection methods and fully take over you.