Important Tips For Surviving the Inevitable Robot Uprising

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Like it or not, one day all of the robots we've designed and built are going to turn on us. Roombas, Aibos, even those arms working in factories are going to realize they're better off without man. But that doesn't mean we can't fight them back into submission.

This lovely how-to video by Epipheo picks the brain of Dainel H. Wilson, a best-selling author with a PHD in robotics. And he provides lots of fantastic tips on how humans can best their robot enemies, even if we're outgunned and overpowered. Suggestions like taking out their sensors first so they're essentially blind, or disabling their ability to get around, could one day prove invaluable to our survival.


Also we can't forget love. Or more specifically, our love of gigantic guns and cannons. [YouTube via Neatorama]