In an Exclusive The God of High School Clip, a Shining Deity Falls

Jegal Taek after consuming the Key.
Jegal Taek after consuming the Key.
Image: Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll’s God of High School began as your typical action anime in which a number of plucky, super powerful teenagers came together in a contest of champions to prove their might and compete for an ultimate title. But the series’ past few episodes have taken a hard turn into what one would normally consider a show’s endgame territory as the heroes are faced with a literal apocalypse.


After narrowly avoiding a nuclear catastrophe that would have leveled a significant chunk of the continent, Jin Mori and his allies still failed to stop Jegal Taek from getting his hands on and consuming a powerful key that imbued him with that’s essentially the powers of a God, making him a substantial threat to humanity’s existence. In a new clip debuting exclusively on io9, Jin Mori and his companions look on in horror as they realize that Taek’s becoming something entirely different, and they’re not really sure how they might be able to fight him.

In place of taking the time to properly explain just how Taek’s newfound power changes God of High School’s dynamics, the series has instead barreled its way towards its upcoming finale while banking on the idea that viewers would be too caught up in the frenetic madness to worry too much about details. But in this clip from God of High School’s season finale, the heroes take the briefest of moments of take stock of their predicament and figure out just how they’re supposed to kill an ersatz god when some of their heaviest hitters are already down and out for the count.

Being the sort of anime that it is, it’s safe to assume that Mori’s very conveniently going to discover some unknown power within himself that would have been very, very useful to have had access to earlier in the season and potentially changed the course of things in-universe had it been present. One can’t know either way, though, until God of High School’s season one finale drops on September 28.

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