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We may earn a commission from links on this page

In-ear Headphone Round-up

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Dear readers, we have been wrong. The older folk among us—baby-boomers, cracked former students of the Naval Arts, and other geriatrics—have been underrepresented in our coverage, as evidenced as our hate mail today. Well, old-timers, this one's for you:

The Ipod is out and it's as hot as Rita Hayworth. All those kids outside on your stoop are listening to them. Don't they have school? When we were young, we went to school. What better way to listen to your Ipod than with in-ear headphones. You'll have to remove your hearing aid to use them, but these sassy headphones are a sight better than those goofy big pants these kids are wearing now. Why, only yesterday, I saw one boy with his underwear hanging out of his pants. No respect, these kids. No respect. Don't they know we're at war? ExtremeTech—what kind of title of a magazine is that? Is that pornography?—does a full round-up of these society-destroying earphones. I'm going to go play my numbers now. Then my stories are on.

Upgrade your iPod: In-Ear Sound-Isolating Earphones [ExtremeTech]