In Russian Tech, Dismemberment Is Always a Possibility

Software scion Ivan Kaspersky is safe, having been rescued from a six-day kidnapping. But it could have been worse. "No one hit him, no one tried to dismember him," said a kidnapper.

Ivan, 19, is the son of Eugene and Natalya Kaspersky, who have made an estimated $800 million off their antivirus software. The Moscow State University student was kidnapped as he walked in northern Moscow. A ransom of $3 million was attached to his head, but federal security forces grabbed him unharmed on Sunday. Kidnapper Nikolay Savelyev, who has reportedly admitted guilt, said he "treated Vanya like my own... No one hit him, no one tried to dismember him."


Apparently some kidnappings are more kindly than others. [Forbes]

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