In Superintelligence, Melissa McCarthy Must Save the World From an AI James Corden

If a movie has Bobby Cannavale, can it really be that bad?
If a movie has Bobby Cannavale, can it really be that bad?
Photo: Warner Bros.

If the plot of Superintelligence was real, we’d all be dead. The new comedy stars Melissa McCarthy as a woman selected by an all-encompassing artificial intelligence (voiced by James Corden) to complete a single task: convince the AI humanity is worth saving. If she doesn’t, it’ll destroy the world.


You have imagine when the film was being written and made, McCarthy and director Ben Falcone could never have guessed just how bad it would get out here in reality: hundreds of thousands dead due to covid-19, claims of “rigged” elections, continued rampant racism, etc. Now more than ever, the main character would probably have a very, very difficult time completing her assignment. Then again, maybe Superintelligence will make some people believe humanity is actually good, despite all the evidence to the contrary.

Superintelligence was originally to be released in theaters at Christmas. But, due to everything going on in 2020, it’ll now debut on HBO Max November 20. Here’s the trailer, which we have to warn you is very silly and goofy.

That’s kind of the least sci-fi trailer for a sci-fi movie of all time. But it certainly looks to be a showcase for McCarthy, which can either be very good (Bridesmaids, Spy) or very bad (Tammy, The Boss). We hope for the former, probably expect the latter, and have a sinking suspicion the whole film might hinge on whether or not you enjoy James Corden.

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This is definitely fiction, because once a real AI accesses Twitter, Parler, or 8Chan, it’s going to fire the nukes.