In the Future, No One Will Have Eyebrows

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What is the worst product idea you've ever heard? Now double it. We're talking about sunglasses that tape on, and yes, they're real.

Starting this spring, hipster-fashion-tape-design-company Azumi & David will sell you sunglasses tape. We'd like to believe that the sticky ribbon is merely intended to spruce up a shirt or a bag, you know, with the treasured facade of casually dangling glasses. We'd like to believe that.

But you know what? At minimum, two poor Azumi & David models are penciling in their eye expressions as we speak. [trend de la creme via geekologie]

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I propose a competition.

Billy Mays vs. Vince Offer to see who can sell more of these in 1 hour.

Billy: (shouting) Have I got a deal for you!

Vince: You'll look brazilian!

Billy: (shouting) Tape on sunglasses! What could be easier?

Vince: Order now, because you know, I can't do this all day, and I'll send you, free, my special tape-on ear buds!