In The Midnight Sky's First Trailer, the End of All Things Is Beautiful

George Clooney as a scientist who is definitely not Santa Claus.
George Clooney as a scientist who is definitely not Santa Claus.
Image: Netflix

Netflix’s upcoming The Midnight Sky, an adaptation of Lily Brooks-Dalton’s novel Good Morning, Midnight, tells the story of a scientist who realizes that he’s the only person capable of saving a group of astronauts from returning to their calamity-stricken planet. But considering George Clooney’s very snowy beard, you’d be forgiven for mistakenly thinking the movie was about Santa.


In the movie’s new trailer, you’re introduced to Augustine (Clooney), a researcher based in the Arctic who’s one of the first in his field to realize that the Earth may soon become inhospitable to human life following a series of major, human-made mistakes. While the rest of Augustine’s colleagues make haste to flee their base in search of some sort of shelter where they might survive, Augustine stays put out of a desire to make contact with Sully (Felicity Jones) and the rest of the crew of the Aether, Earth’s first team of astronauts to successfully travel to Jupiter, in order to warn them to stay in space.

Just as Augustine settles into what might be his final days on Earth, he’s shocked to find a mysterious young girl wandering around his research facility, and he realizes that after years of successfully communicating with the Aether, all radio communication has gone dead without explanation—sending him and this young girl out on a mission to find a broadcast system powerful enough to warn the astronauts that home’s no longer really home.

The Midnight Sky also stars David Oyelowo, Kyle Chandler, Demián Bichir, and Tiffany Boone. It hits Netflix on December 23.

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David Simmons

The trailer feels VERY familiar.

Clooney is quoted as saying the film is part “Gravity” part “The Revenant”, and those references are obvious and immediate. I hope that the danger is presented in a more visceral way, because I found most of the CGI in “Gravity” lacked in creating a feeling of a direct mortal threat.

There’s also enough in this trailer to suggest what the main plot might be about, and I must confess I’m quite tired of that particular trope as it is rarely done well. I would love for this to be good, but from just this, the film doesn’t suggest anything remarkable or unique.