Incredible Lion Photos Taken with Camouflaged RC Camera Car, and More from TreeHugger

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This week on TreeHugger we have robotic cheetahs, solar backpacks, doggie vacation rentals, penny-sized flying robots and more!


1. Robotic Cheetah Smashes Speed Record for Legged Robots
By flexing its back, this galloping robot increases its stride and dramatically beats previous speed records for legged robots. Here's how.

2. ZBoard Crosses a Skateboards with Segways for Awesome Transportation Option
This is a whole new way of getting around that is easier than a skateboard but more portable than a bike. The ZBoard shows how modern technology is getting us out of cars in innovative ways.

3. Incredible Lion Photos Taken With High-Tech Remote Control Camera
Conservation photographer William Burrard-Lucas has created a crafty vehicle for getting up-close and personal photographs of lions and other animals.

4. Breakthrough in Flexible High Efficiency Solar Panels Demonstrated on Ski Helmet
For $400, you can pick up a helmet that will power devices such as phones or MP3 players.

5. Smart Manhole Cover Concept Senses and Displays Pollution Levels
This interesting design tells pedestrians the current pollution levels, and would collect and store energy.

6. DogVacay Is the Air BnB for Canine Friends
Collaborative consumption just took another big leap, this time into helping us find caring places to keep our dogs while we're traveling.


7. Solar Backpacks Can Take A Licking, Startup Says
With a tandem focus on sustainability and durability, ZenTreks mobile-power backpacks provide 30% more electricity than currently available from a similar device.

8. Penny-Sized Pop-Up Robots Mimic Flying Insects, Could Save Lives
Harvard researchers have come up with a novel way to create tiny, tiny insect-like robots by folding layers of material in origami fashion.
9. See Inside a Canadian E-Waste Recycling Facility
Servers were the size of refrigerators and a single CPU chip had about $300 of gold when FCM Recycling started harvesting precious metals from computers.


10. This MacBook Pro Case The Ultimate In Recyclability
A new project on Kickstarter aims to create an accessory for the MacBook Pro that is both protective case and comfortable workstation, and 100% recyclable to boot!



It's cleverly disguised as a lion toy, and that's how the photographers got the lions to take it to their pride.