India Gives BlackBerry an Ultimatum, Will Target Google and Skype Next

RIM may've come to some sort of arrangement with Saudi Arabia over the handling of BlackBerry services data, but will they succumb to India's threats? They've been handed an August 31st deadline by the government, who'll switch BBM and email services off unless RIM gives them security access.

It's not just RIM which India has its knickers in a knot over. Google and Skype are facing similar threats about their handling of data in the country, with India requesting the right to "intercept and monitor" communication. [Reuters, Reuters]

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What about GMail? GMail as of recently works over HTTPS by default and if I recall correctly, if you have an Android phone, the native client also uses a secure connection in the back-end which makes it, at least in theory, unsnoopable... are all these governments also going to ask Thawte, Verisign and so fort to give them the private keys to decrypt the communications?