Indian Firefox Bus Probably Doesn't Have Wi-Fi

Illustration for article titled Indian Firefox Bus Probably Doesnt Have Wi-Fi

In what appears to be the endless spread of Firefox, a new addition to the unofficial Firefox catalog has been spotted—in India. On the back of a bus. We're guessing the bus doesn't have on board Wi-Fi to make use of its web browser of choice, but we admire the support. Also, if that text in yellow above the artwork doesn't read "Safari and IE blow", well, then we'll eat our cats...I'm seriously mixing up my modern proverbs this weekend. Dammit. [Neatorama]


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I am working on my photoshop of a pengiun tattooed to a camels ass, and I expect Giz to post it as soon as figure out how to do it.

(Please, Jesus, I need your guidance.)