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Andre Kutscherauer Robot Art Reminds Us Not to be Cocky

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Check out these awesome CGI images, all put together by Andre Kutscherauer, a super-talented 3D artist. The works all include some form of evil robot madness, and with titles such as Brute Force, Selfillumination and Dandelion of Screws, how could we be anything but massively impressed? If you think we're talking junk, as usual, dive into the gallery and be amazed by the fantastic art installations. For the record, that little light bulb was just asking for moth based trouble—we'd be surprised if he doesn't have his head shattered in no time. That's the problem with being too clever for your own good; given enough cord, you'll plug yourself in...or something like that. [ak3d via io9]