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Inflatable Dog Collar Keeps Rover Floating Without Swim Lessons

Illustration for article titled Inflatable Dog Collar Keeps Rover Floating Without Swim Lessons

The Float-A-Pet collar is two gadgets in one: a water-sensing inflatable floaty, and an LED locator. The other dogs may make fun of him, but that's a trade-off he's probably willing to make.


The collar illuminates at night, thanks to built in, solar powered LED lights, which could be helpful if your pooch is the wandering type. But the best part is the integrated humidity sensor that triggers a CO2 cartridge to inflate the collar when submerged in water. It's a little bulky, but if for some reason you live in a flood-prone area and your dog is defective and can't swim, it might be a good idea to strap him to one of these collars. Or you could, you know, teach him how to swim. [MAKE via DVICE

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I had to dive in my dads pool the first day I opened it. My 60lb bulldog fell in the deep end and sank like a rock. Couldn't see 6" in the water, nasty, green slimy, cold water. No ladders or diving board to grab on to, no one was there but me also. Big damn pool to, had a hell of a time just getting him to the shallow end. He's lucky I heard the splash and came running. It's now S.O.P. that he wears a lifevest any time we go to my dads.