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InFocus 720p DLP Projector

Illustration for article titled InFocus 720p DLP Projector

The InFocus line of low-end home theater projectors don't draw great reviews. But I have high hopes for the company's upcoming models because they are all shiny black and alien looking. These all use DLP, and the IN76 is a native 720p high definition unit. The demo gal said she thinks the contrast ratio is 3000:1 on all three — but there is nothing in the press material or on the website to confirm that. The number of ports on the rear end looked a bit sparse — here's a picture:

Illustration for article titled InFocus 720p DLP Projector

The projector sits on a swiveling base that is removable for ceiling or wall mounting. The 720p model (IN76) is $2,999. The mid-range unit (IN74) is a 16:9 and the 480p model (IN72) is $1,299. Available in the first quarter of next year.

Prices for InFocus DLP Projectors

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