Inside the Chocolate Factory So Nerdy It's Controlled by an iPhone

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Click to view Tcho's high-tech chocolate factory—appropriately, created by founders of Wired magazine—is the very opposite of the bearded, artisanal hipster Willy Wonkas at Mast Bros. in Brooklyn. They even use words like "beta" to describe test batches of chocolate.


It's interesting that they're now making chocolate for Starbucks, but more interesting is the fact that "many of the factory's most vital functions can be controlled via iPhone," according to the Feast. Their chocolate is undoubtedly tasty, but it shies away from the origin-obsession currently in vogue for both coffee and chocolate—chocolates are described via flavor notes, not where they come from. They're only bean-to-bar chocolate factory left in San Francisco. [The Feast]

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