Inspired by Battleship, This Head-to-Head Portable Arcade Is a Work of Art

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It’s probably about time for custom arcade builder Love Hultén to consider taking on the likes of Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony. His custom arcade consoles are just stunning, and there isn’t a gamer out there who wouldn’t drop a small fortune on his new two-player Battlecade.

If you’ve ever played the classic board game Battleship against a friend, you’ll understand why Hultén chose to design Battlecade with players facing each other as they square off on various classic emulated titles. Being able to see your opponent’s reaction makes victory all the more satisfying.

Hand-made from American walnut with a pair of back-to-back 12-inch LCD displays in the middle, Hultén’s Battlecade also features storage compartments for the joysticks, and three hinged sections that all fold up so it’s easy to transport. Here’s the heartbreaking part: you can’t actually buy one. You’ll just have to look and lust from afar—or try to build your own. [Love Hultén]


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