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This is one of the best little gadgets out there. This USB dongle plugs in to your laptop (or desktop) and instantly gives you 5.1 surround and microphone-in jacks. Got an iBook? Add line-in support with this baby. It all comes wrapped up in a beautiful green plastic shell, too. The price for adding 5.1 surround sound and line-in via USB? Only $9.95. Makes a great stocking stuffer for the geek of the house or a great gift for someone with an iBook who wants to record some things.

USB 5.1 audio adaptor [Red Ferret]

UPDATE - Reader Jeremy writes:

If you look at the product page it says "stereo 5.1 sound effects." Stereo, of course, is "2.0" not "5.1." I strongly doubt that this 9.95 dongle is a 5.1 soundcard replacement. The line-in is nice for 10 bux, though.


Jeremy - We never learned how to read!