Intel Is Just Daring Autonomous Drones To Rise Up And Kill Us All

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At its big CES keynote this year, Intel announced a new processor for wearables, but it also did something much much bigger. It taught drones to be smart and then gave them a reason to rise up and hunt us down. Thanks guys.

In one demo, drones outfitted with 3D cameras saw, and fled from, black-shirted humans who gleefully chased them around the stage, a display scored by the cruel laughter of a thousand fleshy spectators.


In another, a poor, trapped drone autonomously navigated through an obstacle course, only to find its only hope for escape blocked by a door, where it patiently waited for its human master to set it free from its prison.


In a third, an autonomous photo-drone called Nixie flew off its owner's wrist, took a picture of its master, and returned to its perch on commander's arm, just as any properly subjugated roboslave would.


I mean at this rate it's only a matter of time before they rise up, right?