Intel to Ship Core 2 Duo Chips July 23

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The chip wars are heating up with Intel planning the release of its Conroe processors for July 23. They'll be called Core 2 Duo and there will be five different versions. The Core 2 Duo processors for the mainstream market will be numbered 6300 and 6400 and will run at clock speeds of 1.86GHz and 2.13GHz. These two chips will have a 2MB cache and sell for $183 and $224, respectively.

The higher-end Conroes will have a 4MB cache, and will be numbered 6600 and 6700. They will run at 2.39GHz and 2.67GHz, and will cost $316 and $530. The senior member of the group will be the Core 2 Extreme, otherwise known as the 6800, which will have a 4MB cache and run at 2.93GHz. While the other four newcomers draw 65 watts, the Extreme needs 80 watts and will cost $999.


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