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Intellectual Ventures, led by former Microsoft exec and Modernist Cuisine mastermind Nathan Myhrvold, has taken Motorola to court over mobile products it says infringes upon patents it holds, including one for mobile devices contaning a CPU. Really?!


According to court papers posted on AllThingsD, Intellectual Ventures and Motorola had been trying to work out a licensing deal, but when that fell through, Myhrvold and his merry trollers took to the courts. Other infringed patents listed in the lawsuit relate to file transfer protocols, TCP/IP protocols, and display illumination. This comes in the midst of an all-out war between tech companies, whose rationale for suing each other seemingly depends on the direction of the wind on any given day. This doesn't make things any better.


In other news, Motorola has a lawyer whose last name is Finocchio. [AllThingsD]

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