IntelliScanner Mini: Scan Your Life, One Barcode at a Time

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The Intelliscanner has been miniaturized, and now it's called the Intelliscanner Mini, a palm-sized barcode reader to keep you organized. It's quite a bit smaller than the last time we saw it, and now it's been voted Best of Show at MacWorld 2007. Using its included software, you can automatically organize just about anything that's been tagged with a barcode.


The $299 device clips onto a keychain, and opens up the world of barcodes to you. Scan your DVDs, groceries, wine, comics and a lot of other stuff, and the Intelliscanner stores all those codes in its flash memory. Then plug the Intelliscanner into a USB port on your Mac or PC, and download all that information into a searchable and sortable database using the variety of included software. Careful: could lead to compulsive scanning.


Product Page [IntelliScanner Corporation, via Popgadget]

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I have an earlier version of this, with the BlueTooth cordless scanner. I'll have to see if I can get this updated software, the software I have with mine does videos, CDs, books, and some other stuff but not all the categories of this release - and I use it with Windows.

I owned a CueCat - I think I still do, somewhere in a box. This is far superior. First of all, it is cordless. When you own over 1000 DVDs, and hundreds of VHS - plus some lingering LDs, and over 750 CDs, and countless books - entering all that stuff is a royal pain. Being able to blast through shelves just scanning the codes is great. And the software is pretty good at looking things up and getting the correct info.

I started cataloging my stuff for a few reasons:

- Insurance.

- I got tired of accidentally re-purchasing something I'd already purchased, just because I forgot I owned it.

- Making it easy to lend things to my friends. I export the list and put it on my website and friends can ask to borrow stuff knowing I own it.

You only have to manually enter info when it doesn't come up in the database, which only happens a small fraction of the time.