"What gadget should I buy?" is a pretty regular question in my life. The irony is that although I'm happy with the work we do at Giz, like all gadget blogs, it really sucks at listing the stuff we'd actually consider taking home with us from the store. With over 50 posts a day of news and whimsy, the gear we really like only comes around once or twice a month and inevitably gets lost in that sea of content. To help make things better I've started Bestmodo, which is a shortcut to all the stuff the editors and I really, really like. (You can always find a link to above, below the search bar.) Just don't call it a holiday gift guide, because we're going to run this thing year round and I hate those cheesy things. Here are some examples of items pulled from our Bestmodo list that would have been hard to find before, but if we've missed anything you really like pass it on as a nominee.

Amazon Kindle (Yes we like it)

iPod Nano and its review

Zune 2 or (generation 1 which can sometimes be found for less than $100 with nearly all the functionality of the second gen model).

Sprint Mogul as Chen's favorite WM phone.

• Samsung's upcoming Dual format HD disc player, the BD-UP5000, which also has more advanced profiles for Blu-ray we bitched about being so rare.

• Dash GPS, the only GPS with a cellular chip for RSS and net searches, as well as hive mind traffic prediction.

• The Livescribe pen that records and links your text notes to audio recorded at the same time.

TiVo HD, which has much of the capability of TiVo Series 3, at a fraction of the price.

• Bestmodo: Many HD DVD and Blu-ray discs for free with purchase of players.

• Which HDTV do I really want? One of these: Samsung's LED Backlit 81-series LCDs, a Pioneer Kuro, or a 750-series Panasonic plasma (or last year's 700 series). But those are expensive. Maybe I'd just get a cheap Samsung.


I think Bestmodo could be useful, especially once it moves beyond its rough form and gets organized into subsections of posts, which aren't just our own hands ons, but in the spirit of recognizing the good work of others, also link to reviews on sites like CNet, Ars and the PC monthlies, as well as the occasional Dealzmodo. It's going to be organized like a blog, recent posts first, which is pretty useful for getting a sample list of a particular set of gadgets to start researching on; newer entries are more relevant, but last year's best could also be a great deal now. (Most gadget test databases don't have any mathematical way to depreciate old gear scores, so even though they are easier to search, they are a critical source, but not a silver bullet.)

It's rough now, but here it is for your perusal. Check it out and give us some feedback so we can improve it. The bottom line is that there is no substitution for doing your own research. But I hope this list comes in handy for that as it continues to grow. [Bestmodo, awesome logo by Spoon and Fork Studio]