People love mockups of products, especially Apple products, and especially real-looking Apple products that they can delude themselves into believing are real. Who are we to argue with such desires? In order to help you all make the best, most realistic Apple fakes possible, we had our super-talented Artistic Intern Logan Lape make a DIY Apple Product Mockup Kit. Essentially, it's a Photoshop file full of layers of objects that you can use to make your very own BS Apple product. And that's just what we want you to do.


Simply download the kit here, open it up in Photoshop, and let your imagination go wild. As you can see, tt's pretty easy to make a nice looking fake iPhone 2 mockup with the kit. But don't feel like you need to stick to iPhones; go nuts! Make any product you can come up with using the kit, and send us your best results to with the subject "DIY Apple Mockup." I'll post the best entries here next Tuesday. Get crackin'!