'Inventor of Email' Compares Trump's Immigration Policy to Science

Image: YouTube
Image: YouTube

Shiva Ayyadurai believes a lot of odd things.

Most memorably Ayyadurai thinks of himself as the inventor of email, and to that end has sued publications—Techdirt and Gizmodo’s former parent company Gawker—which have claimed otherwise, despite a wide consensus that electronic mail was created by computing pioneer Ray Tomlinson. Ayyadurai also thinks he has a shot at a seat in the Senate, which is why he plans to run against Elizabeth Warren in 2018.


He also believes Donald Trump’s proposed policies on immigration make sense, because uhh, cellular biology, or astronomy, or something.

When he’s not tying up the legal system, doing AMAs on Reddit’s r/the_donald, or making appearances on InfoWars, Ayyadurai posts videos to his little-watched YouTube channel which generally focus on his doomed congressional race. But, his most recent upload, for no particular reason, is an explanation of how DNA works—and, incidentally, of keeping “viruses” out of the US of A, nearly all of which he cribs from an earlier video entitled “Build The Wall - A Scientific Explanation!”

How anyone could manage to crowbar politics into a biology 101 lesson? Recall that scientific precepts have been appropriated and misapplied to all sorts of things things that serve the needs of hateful, craven ghouls through the ages: Social Darwinism hiding the vampiric acts of an oligarch class in the armor of natural order; discoveries in genetics and heredity fueling the idea of “racial purity” which framed ghastly forced sterilization programs as a means of assisting natural selection. It’s not institutionalized cruelty—it’s nature!

In the same way all reactionary thought pines to return to some better epoch past—when, specifically, was America great?—ignorance cloaked in the language of science almost always employs the crutch of an imagined equilibrium in pre-civilization.

Let’s check in with Ayyadurai around the 4-minute mark:

By the way, to all of the very educated people who really think Donald Trump and people [who] are right wing or fanatics or whatever you want to call them, that they’re against borders let me just make a slight point here: you notice that the human cell has a cell membrane. This is really a border. And this cell membrane protects the cell. It determines what things go in. So for example, viruses are not allowed in—hopefully, if you have a good strong immune system—and certain things are allowed in that go through “proper immigration.”

And by the way if you look at the universe: if the sun is here and you have the Earth over here we also have an atmosphere so gamma rays and certain things don’t come into the earth. Bottom line is: biology, astronomy, teaches us that everything in nature has borders to protect us so it’s very simple. We also need borders. Different story, but we can learn it all from nature.


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