iOS 6.1 Security Risk: Anyone Can Bypass Your iPhone's Lock Screen

So, iOS 6.1 hasn't been Apple's finest hour. So far it's been plagued with connection issues, battery woes, and now it's sadly insecure, too. You can bypass any lockcode on an iPhone using this straightforward sequence of button presses.


The instructions are pretty simple. First you have to pretend to turn the phone off, then make an aborted emergency call, then a quick bit of off button and cancel pressing. That boots you into the full phone app where you can pretty much call or message anyone you like, or edit phone contacts.

It's not the first time a trick like this has plagued an Apple device; a similar iOS 4.1 bug allowed the same kind of access. It was fixed with the release of iOS 4.2—which came out a month later. So if history holds true, it could be a month until we see this patched up. [YouTube via S1riOS6]


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No wonder corporate world never take apple hardware & software seriously. However, my 11 years old ousin does so they're more than fine.