Deer Hunter 3D: It's just like the Deer Hunter you play when you're drunk, except that you're tapping a screen instead of a wielding a plastic orange gun, and you're doing it in the privacy of your own home instead of the back of some bar. Whether that's a good thing or not is for you to decide! But the app itself looks great, with a variety of detailed, expansive environments and animals for the huntin'. One especially nice feature: an interactive map that lets you travel around the areas to make your kills. The price, $10, is a little steep, but if you're into shooting guns at animals there's a lot of thoughtful detail here to love.

Also available for the iPhone


Fruit Ninja HD: Not all great iPhone games make sense on the iPad, but Fruit Ninja totally does. The bigger screen lets you slice those flying fruits with more fingers (up to 8 at a time) and play head-to-head against a rival ninja. It's everything you love about the iPhone version, just bigger, brighter, and riper. $5

HelvetiNote: A clean, minimalist note-taking app to match your clean, minimalist tablet, HelvetiNote smartly lets you type notes on the iPad's keyboard or scrawl them in with your finger or a stylus. There are a few features that would make it even more attractive—syncing is chief among them—but for the design-oriented note-taker, HelvitNote's got a fresh look. $3


Spider: Bryce Manor HD: Another iPhone stand by that gains a lot from the iPad's size, Spider: Bryce Manor HD is an evocative, beautiful mystery told through the eyes of a spider. Like the best iPad games, there's a certain resonance between its various components—story, game play, controls, soundtrack, etc—that make the whole experience all the more powerful. $5