Headspin: Storybook: It's a pop-up styled storybook game that's gorgeously illustrated and surprisingly fun. The premise of the game is to make each illustration symmetrical—basically, make it so that the right page mirror the left page. When you find items that don't match up, give it a tap to re-orient it. There's multiple objects in later stages and "moving people" to throw a wrench in your concentration. All you do is race against the clock but it feels good to play the man upstairs. Really, the amazing graphics actually make you feel like you're looking down on a different world. Kids will surely love it.


Reckless Racing HD: The rather popular top-down racing game gets bigger, badder and beautifuler on the iPad. You get 8 incredibly detailed levels (3 more than the iPhone version) and three game modes that's all about going fast, making fast turns and braking fast. The physics and lighting of the game are almost jaw dropping. If you're into competing with real people, there's also a multiplayer mode to get 4-players in a race. It's like a Playstation game on your iPad yo.

Johnny Cash: I See a Darkness HD: Kat in black says:

Already available for iPhones, the Johnny Cash graphic novel biography I See A Darkness has arrived on the iPad for $5. If you already own his music, it will be used at relevant points in the story.


It looks gorgeously black and white on the iPad. 5 bucks.

Amazon Windowshop: 50 Cent said it best, we're all just a buncha window shoppers. Amazon's taking that to heart and introducing Windowshop, an app that brings that sort of random buying experience to the iPad. As Kyle raps:

The free new app lets you cruise through Amazon's seemingly endless inventory for products both physical and digital-electronics, books, ebooks, toys, clothes, mp3s, and everything else under the Amazon sun. You can flick horizontally or vertically through thumbnails, which load snappily as you poke around. Tapping a thumbnail brings up a little window for that product with photos, details, reviews, and more, and you can buy items securely from right in the app. All in all it's a pretty novel (and potentially dangerous) way to skim through Amazon's offerings.