iPad Mixing Desk Will Probably Get Me on the Charts

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There seems to be a rash of tech at the moment that's designed to integrate your iPad into a portable recording studio. This looks like one of the most exciting so far, though: I think it might even make me famous.

Based on their portable XENYX mixers, Behringer's latest offering will let you slide your iPad into the mixing desk in order to use it as a display and record to it, too.


It's set to come in thee sizes, packing either 16, 24, and 32 channels, but they'll all feature a stereo USB audio interface, XENYX mic pre amps with a dynamic range of 130 dB, 3-band channel EQ, and "one-knob" compression on every mono channel. Actually, I'm not sure exactly what "one-knob" compression is, though I assume it's better than no compression.

More importantly, the iPad will act as the desk's display, and Behringer promise the ability to sync audio to video streamed over HDMI from the iPad. That makes it sound like it could come in very handy in a live setting.


There's currently no word on how well it will integrate with other third-party music production software on the iPad, but it will be interesting to see exactly how far it can be stretched. Likewise, there are no details on pricing or exact specs just yet, so you'll have to be patient. [Behringer via 9to5Mac]