iPhone Alarms Not Working Right Now, Here's How to Fix it

Uh, if your iPhone alarm failed to wake you up this morning it wasn't because you got too wild last night. No, it's actually your iPhone's fault. Apparently, one time alarms just aren't working for the iPhone in this new year. Seriously. I repeat: Alarms set for one time use WILL NOT go off as planned. The current workaround is to set the alarm as repeating. Here's how:

• Tap Clock
• Tap +
• Set your alarm
• Tap Repeat
• Set Repeat interval
• Tap Save


9to5Mac says the bug will fix itself automagically on January 3rd (Monday), but we'll keep an eye out on this. Alarm fiascos are so annoying and this is the second one on the iPhone in just a few months! Here's to hoping you didn't have a reason to wake up today. [Engadget via TiPb]



Kind of like when day light savings time caused me to be late for work which is why I now have a Galaxy S Vibrant. Up yours Steve.