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For modern smartphone owners, it’s a common enough of an occurrence. You’re just sitting there, talking about whatever, when suddenly you say something that triggers the digital assistant on your phone. Now normally, you’d probably get annoyed for a second, tap a button to dismiss the interruption, and then continue with whatever you were doing.


But if you’re, say, the British Secretary of Defense who’s talking to Parliament about conflicts in the Middle East when Siri decides to pipe up, it’s a very different situation indeed. And unfortunately for Gavin Williamson, that’s exactly what happened.

Luckily for him, attendance at the House of Commons was light that day, so he got away with a couple quick apologies, an incredibly British remark about Siri’s interruption being a bit of a “rum business,” and a quip about being heckled by his own phone.


But honestly, as the Secretary of Defense, the dude ought to know better, and in fact, I’m kind of surprised there isn’t a rule prohibiting politicians from bringing phones into Parliament.

Tech trolling done right.
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Besides, if you’re going to interrupt a meeting with tech, you might as well do it right and follow in the footsteps of Californian Congressman and legendary vaping enthusiast Duncan Hunter, who in 2016 casually blew sick clouds during the middle of a Congressional hearing.



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