iPhone Controlled Minimalist Coffee Maker Hides All the Hardware Under the Counter

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If the minimalist aesthetic in your kitchen is cramping your ability to brew up a cup of joe whenever you need a caffeine boost, Scanomat's Top Brewer keeps all the grinding and brewing hardware under the counter, out of sight.

In fact all that's visible is a gooseneck dispenser sticking out of the top of the counter, a small grate for catching spills and sprays, and an LCD touchscreen UI that serves as an alternate way to order up your beverage if an iPhone or iPad isn't readily available. While some drinks require longer brewing times than others, on average the Top Brewer can produce up to four cups of coffee per minute, and is self-cleaning so you can walk away and enjoy your brew right away.

It even has what it boasts to be the smallest milk foamer in the industry, installed at the very tip of the dispenser where it heats and foams to the required texture as needed. And if coffee isn't your thing, the Top Brewer can be configured to dispense hot and cold water, milk, fruit juices or even just steam for blanching vegetables. Pricing is still TBA, but you can expect it to cater to those who don't mind paying a premium for a great cup of coffee. [Scanomat via Uncrate]