iPhone SDK Beta 7 Out Now

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A day after the announcement of the iPhone 3G (have you heard of this thing?), Apple has released iPhone SDK Beta 7. Macworld says it's mostly stability and bug fixes, but they expect the 2.0 Software and final version SDK to release at the same time. [MacWorld]

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Pardon me while I bite the hand that gives us such great gadgety news, but an SDK is a "Software Development Kit", right? Do we have a lot of software developers for the iPhone hanging out in the land of Giz? Are we posting information on the updates to the Windows Mobile SDK, or the Nokia SDK, or the BlackBerry SDK, completely ignoring the variety of SDK's for Windows and OS X out there.

Maybe each SDK update is posted as an advertisement for Giz viewers to become iPhone software developers? I am not saying don't post these — heck, the more posts the better since it as a fantastic excuse to avoid doing work. I guess I am just not completely following why the iPhone SDK is the only SDK I see regularly listed here.