iPhone 3G: Complete Coverage

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The event

Our complete event liveblog

Steve on video, doing his thing

iPhone 3G advertising

The iPhone 3G

Our iPhone 3G Hands On

iPhone availability

Pricing and availability

Pricing and activation in the US

International availability

AT&T memo regarding iPhone sales policies

Upgrading policy


Software and applications

iPhone 2.0 Operating System for iPhone and iPod touch

The iPhone Applications Store and featured apps

GPS, traffic and photo geotagging

iPhone 3G and Mobile Me services


Giz Explains

What You Didn't Know About the iPhone's 3G Powers

Everything You Wanted to Know About the iPhone 3G's GPS



Apple Says White Is Cool Again... But Is It?

What the iPhone is missing



iPhone Sim Ejector Tool makes it instant must-buy

"iPhone 3G" FCC Application Hints at Potential Apple "Smartphone"

Rumor check


iPhone 3G Videoconferencing Kit



Are you going to get the iPhone 3G?




@yoshi: While the basic concept of just adding 3G support to the Touch is a good one to the consumer, ultimately the hardware would need to be the same as the iPhone to support it. Therefore, there is no real savings to Apple to pursue that. Just buy an iPhone and sign up for a data-only plan with AT&T and call it a day.

Alternatively, buy a Touch and use WiFi and Skype for phone calls. (I recognize the limitations, but am tossing this out as an idea that others have used.) My only concern with this is the concept Apple has with feeling compelled to nickel and dime Touch owners for any application they give for free to iPhone customers.