World Gets iPhone and Multiple Carriers per Country, Canada Stops Whining

Yes, this is another iPhone post, but embrace it with true love, because it means two things: one, no more damn "iPhone to be available in [insert name of some weird country here]" articles ever again (stop saying words, Canada.) And two: you get to see We Are the World one more time. It also means a third new thing: the use of multiple carriers in many countries, an strategy change that may signal a move away from exclusivity in the future.

As you already know, Apple has laid out plans to take over the planet, and put all those barbarians out there under the New World Order. The list of countries and carriers is:

• México: América Móvil

• United States: AT&T

• India: Bharti Airtel

• Philippines: Globe Telecom

• Hong Kong: Hutchison Telecom

• UK & Ireland: O2

• Portugal: Orange and Vodafone

• Austria: Orange and T-Mobile

• France: Orange

• Switzerland: Orange and Swisscom

• Canada: Rogers (wheeeeeee) and Fido (le wheeeeee)

• Singapore: SingTel

• Japan: Softbank

• Italy: Telecom Italia and Vodafone

• Spain: Telefónica

• Denmark: TeliaSonera

• Finland: TeliaSonera

• Norway: TeliaSonera

• Sweden: TeliaSonera

• Germany: T-Mobile

• Netherlands: T-Mobile

• Australia: Vodafone and Optus

• New Zealand: Vodafone


Of course, it may just be that those countries have special market conditions that require two carriers. In any case, it's good to see that Apple has no problems implementing both models, specially since the iPhone requires special services in the provider's side, like Visual Voicemail.

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Personally I find Fido is better (definitely in terms of customer service) but any talk of them may be presumptive.

After speaking with a Fido rep I found they have not been given any information other than the fact that Rogers (their parent company) will be releasing the iPhone. They have not been told they will be getting it let alone given a date.

Knowing Rogers I expect they'll want to cover their own flagship customer base first and only if the demand is high enough and the stock to go around will Fido get it (did I mention I dislike Rogers)