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Now that we've heard what's up, we can see which iPhone SDK rumors came true. As it happens, the insiders were pretty damn close to dead-on—Hulk doesn't have to do a lot of smashing today. Let's review:

Beta only with final coming at WWDC?

True - Today's SDK announcement was beta, and though it's available today to anyone who wants to try it out. They can even run the iPhone Simulator on their Mac. The iPhone 2.0 software isn't going to be out until June at all, unless you happen to be a "selected developer or enterprise customer."

Free through Apple Developer Connection?

Not exactly - It's a free beta for anyone, but Apple launched the iPhone Developer Program which will charge developers $99 per year for the right to publicly release iPhone apps, and distribute them via the new App Store.

Mac OS only (because of XCode)?

Yes... and no - The SDK runs mainly on the iPhone itself, with a very cool new Cocoa Touch multi-touch interface. There's a debugger and an iPhone simulator that run only on the Mac, but theoretically you can develop without either Mac or PC. (OK, that sounds like a dodge: No, nothing Jobs mentioned today works with Windows.)


Camera access?

Yes - During the SDK briefing, they said "Image picker will allow you to grab images from the camera/iphone library."

EDGE and Wi-Fi for data?

Yes - Among the Core Services are Net Services and Networking options, as well as something called "Core Location," which will let developers create "location-aware" apps.

Bluetooth 2.0 open?

No - Sorry we don't have more of a backstory there.

Flash support?

No - Jobs' preemptive trash-talk stuck.


Dock connector for accessories blocked?

No That is to say, "Yes, it is blocked" - We're being told that dev for docks is not available at this time. Fingers crossed for the future!

iTunes as application hub/Apple as app picker?

Yes, sorta - There's an iTunesy App Store which can be used both over-the-air on the iPhone (or iPod touch) itself, or sideloaded via a Mac or presumably a PC, via iTunes.


Unfettered freeware?

No - Here's one for the smashing block: Free software will be available, but only through the App Store, where programs will be edited for content.

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@Captain Nobody:

With another in September and a 30% price drop in November.

I think the 99 dollar fee will really cut down on crap freeware. It will just limit it to people who are fanatical about making it to the point where they'd pay for the privilege. Mac folk are used to paying quite a bit extra for the privilege of pretty hardware ownership. So I don't think 99 bones will stand in anyones way except for the cheapskates that probably would want money anyway. I also think it could open up a nice genre of 99 cent-ware. The developers could offset it by a small fee and people that use itunes seem to not mind tossing away a buck here and there.