iPhone SDK Detail Rumors: No Accessory Support, iTunes-Centric

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iLounge says they've gotten an inside look at the iPhone SDK and came up with a few interesting details, one of which is the limitation imposed on developers that they won't be able to use the dock connector to interface with accessories. That means no third-party GPS connector (or other similar devices). What supposedly will be accessible is the camera, the Wi-Fi, and the "phone" itself, which is slightly more permissive than we thought Apple would be.


As for iTunes, it seems like the iTunes Store is going to be a "hub" for application downloads. If you're a developer and want to charge for your app, you've got a method to do that through the store. This, assuming that Apple has approved your app, because they're going to "act as a gatekeeper for all applications," meaning that if you're making something a little risque or hack-ish, you run the risk of being turned down. [iLounge]

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I can see this potentially killing a lot of enthusiasm for a lot of developers with this iTunes-centric system, since it seems even tighter controlled than the widget distribution. But this raises a few questions for myself, such as how the dock connector will be managed on the iPod touch as opposed to the iPhone, how Apple plans to manage application approval, and whether or not they will allow applications to be free if the developers wish them to be.

While I like the idea of tight quality control, this is a definite negative, since third party support is supposed to be about freedom of sources and the nature of the applications we choose. I can see them not wanting to deal with people that got apps that fucked up their iPods, but so what? They can be reset.

If I was a developer, I'd be pretty damn wary of this. I'd hate to spend hours upon hours day and night coding only to have my application, which would be created to further improve the experience, turned down for some oddball reason.