iPhone TomTom GPS Application Appears in New Zealand App Store

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The much-awaited TomTom for iPhone GPS navigation app has popped up in the New Zealand App Store with a reported asking price ranging from about $81 to $125. The app price does not include the TomTom iPhone car kit. Updated.


According to MacRumors, the four-flavored app covers the U.S. & Canada, Western Europe, Australia, and, naturally, New Zealand. Pricing:

- U.S. & Canada: NZ $124.99 (US $84.41)
- Western Europe: NZ $179.99 (US $121.55)
- Australia: NZ $104.99 (US $79.90)
- New Zealand: NZ $119.99 (US $81.03)


Earlier this month, UK retailer Handtec let slip that the equally anticipated TomTom for iPhone car kit would sell for about $195. The price included the app itself, a GPS-boosting receiver, windshield mount, car charger and speakers. That news, and the perhaps premature New Zealand launch this weekend, would seem to indicate a global release is imminent.

Updated: The TomTome or iPhone app has appeared in several European App Stores, according to the latest reports at MacRumors:

Benelux: Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg and covers these three countries
- D-A-CH: offered in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland and covers these countries
- France: Available only in France
- Iberia: Available in Spain and Portugal and covers Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Gibraltar, and the major islands of the Balearic and Canary Islands
- Italy: Offered in Italy
- Nordic: Available in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden and covers these four countries
- U.K. & Ireland - offered only in the U.K. and Ireland


Seems like the global deployment has begun. [MacRumors]

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This makes sense. Considering the original iPhone was never officially released in NZ (no GPS), only the 3G and 3GS, there would be no real need for the GPS boost mount. Plus it's a small market, testing the price waters me thinks.