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iPhone's Gas Cubby Car Care Tracker Is Anal So You Don't Have To Be

Illustration for article titled iPhones Gas Cubby Car Care Tracker Is Anal So You Dont Have To Be

We played with Gas Cubby, the car maintenance tracking tool for iPhone, and can say that the $5 is a pretty low price to pay if you really want to keep your ride in good condition. Among its many hardcore features are gas price fill-up tracking and graphing, service tracking and data (insurance, VIN) storage. We all know that we're supposed to get and document regular service on our cars, but who the hell remembers? By tracking your gas purchases (which you get much more frequently), Gas Cubby will remind you of when those tires need rotating or when filters need replacement. Pretty damn good for $5, I'd say. [Gas Cubby]

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Is there a free version for the cheap ass bastards like myself? This actually is something I could use. I couldn't tell you the last time I changed my oil....