iPod and Cellphone Ban Coming to NYC?

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This has got to be the dumbest ban I've ever heard of. State Sen. Carl-"look both ways before crossing the street"-Kruger wants to implement a ban on iPod and cell phone use while crossing streets in major NY cities. So if the bill goes through, you'll be fined $100 for yapping on your mobile (or listening to your MP3 player) while crossing the street. Ok, granted there are a lot of morons out there who don't look where they're heading when they're on the phone (sadly I'm probably guilty of doing that once or twice), but if you're too oblivious to notice a bright yellow cab heading your way while crossing the street, maybe city life just isn't for you. Is this seriously NY's top priority right now?


Bill Banning iPods in Crosswalks Slated for Albany [WCBS]


Whenever I brainstorm ideas on how to protect pedestrians, I usually come up with laws that stop the pedestrian from doing things that could get them hit by 2500 pound fast moving vehicles. Many cities have stupidly gone after automobiles and told them to yield to pedestrians, to slow down, to not talk on the cell phone or listen to music while driving. Screw that. It is the pedestrians fault that they are getting run over. Why let them talk on cell phones and listen to music? Let's make walking a truly pedestrian experience.